Continuing the journey ….

Heeeeeey Y’all!!

Thank you so much for continuing this journey with me for the next 6 days.  I pray this time blesses you and continues to fan the flames of your desire to know and commune with our Good Shepherd.  

“If you seek him, he will be found by you” (1 Chronicles 28:9). 

Sisterfriend, seeking the Lord means we look for Him (like we do our lost keys); it means we are before Him, in His presence.  I am a visual girl, so when I think about “seeking the Lord” I envision myself sitting on the floor at His feet (in His presence) telling Him how much I thank Him, how much I love Him, how much I adore and appreciate Him and how I ABSOLUTELY cannot do this thing called “life” without His leading and guiding. 

I find so much comfort in knowing that IF I seek Him, he will allow Himself to be found by me.  There He goes again, the Great Shepherd making provision for me.   Whew child (throws hands up)!!! 

Here is how the next 6 days will go.  Each day you will receive a short devotional (either voice or video) to help get your day started or end your day. When you choose to listen is totally up to you. The goal is to keep our “Great Shepherd” at the forefront of our minds. Be sure to keep a journal or notebook nearby to jot down your thoughts while listening.

At the end of each devotion, there will be a challenge to “AGREE WITH GOD” and prayer!

Sisterfriend,  I’m excited! Let’s do this!

Tori T.

P.S. Below you will find a few of the resources I mentioned during our recent Bible study.  Some of them are online (for the free .99) and some are available for purchase.  Remember, don’t stress yourself over buying it all.   The goal of studying God’s Word is to get to KNOW God more - to learn of Him and His ways.   A good study bible, a good concordance and that handy inductive bible study sheet is pretty much all you need to get started. 


There are so many resources available to help us dig deeper and learn of who God is.  It is wonderful to have so many resources available to us, but it can be overwhelming.  Where do I to start?  How do I know if this resource can be trusted?   

No worries Sisterfriend,  Here are a few tried and true go-to resources you can use during your study time:


  • The NIV Life Application Bible (Amazon link here)

  • The New Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible by James Strong

  • Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible by Matthew Henry

  • Holman Bible Commentaries


Click here to access our Psalm 23 Playlist!!

Warning, please do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening. 

This playlist WILL cause one or all of the following side effects:  lifted hands, tear-filled eyes,  running in your feet and/or uncontrollable yelling/screaming of “Yes, Lord” and “Thank You Jesus!”