If you are reading this message, you have successfully signed up for the Live Women's Bible Study being held at Innovation Church (main campus) every Tuesday evening during the month of June from 6:07pm - 7:37pm.  

I am so excited. These next 4 weeks are about to be straight up AWESOME!!  

In addition to our Sisterhood fellowship, I’m mostly excited that you said “Yes” to INTENTIONALLY carving out some time from your busy and demanding schedule to connect with other women who want to know God—and His Word—and truly LIVE the life He desires for us to.  

Listen, I need this study and as I glance at this list of over 60 women that will also be attending - I know I am not alone. Thanks for coming along on this 4 week journey with me. 

Oh wait, before I forget,  this would not be an Innovation Church event if we did not start our first night off with some fun!  Make plans to come a few minutes early Tuesday night (at 5:37pm to be exact).  I’ll give you a little hint on what’s been planned:  Mary Mary + Mexican Corn = a good ‘ol pre bible study good time. LOL! 

There are two things you will need to bring with you in order for you to get the most out of this “life giving and life changing” bible study:

  1. Your bible.  The translation is up to you. We will primarily be reading from the KJV, NKJV and sometimes the NIV.  Don't have a bible? No worries.  We will have some extras available at the church. 
  2. An open heart and mind, ready to receive ALL that the Lord has for us. 

 One last thing, we need your help with something! To ensure that this study remains real, relevant and relational, we have attached a brief bible study questionnaire (see below) of 11 questions we would love for you to answer.  FYI, all responses are anonymous, please be open, reflective and honest, let's LIVE!

See you soon,



Is this your first women's bible study *
How old are you? *
At this present moment, which of these statements best describes your relationship with the Lord? *
I engage in a daily prayer time. *
I regularly read and study my bible. *
I intentionally memorize scripture. *
I struggle with knowing that God really loves me. *


Simply complete the form below and we will make sure your little one’s are covered for the night as well. 

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bible study location:

innovation church  (main campus)              

3925 OVERTON CROSSING